About Us

The story of Amatciems started in 1999 with the wish of its founder Čiris to live in a comfortable and scenic property near the water, surrounded by forest. He brought it to life, starting the Amatciems project, which is still being developed and perfected. We saw that our challenge is to bring this natural and harmonious feel inside the houses by expressing it through high-quality and functional interior designs. To bring this wish to fruition we created a new business that specialises in the manufacture of furniture and selection of high-quality interior design materials and finishes. The company has created an excellent team and made its name known both in Latvia and abroad.

In 2015, we decided to expand our business, and now Studija Amatciems offers a full range of services, from the development of an interior design project through to provision of all the products and materials needed for a fully furnished housing, namely, furniture, accessories, lightning objects, finishing materials, bathroom products and floorings. In total, we will offer products provided by 70 various producers (Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Latvia etc.) with whom we have been successfully collaborating already for several years.

As designers, we are very demanding when cooperating with other representatives of the field, and we strive to deliver the highest quality to our own customers. When we look at interior design objects and materials, we don‘t simply see goods to be purchased and sold. We see artworks, and we enjoy each one of them. We are very careful when selecting producers and their collections. Studija Amatciems is a place where designers and architects can meet with their clients in a creative and welcoming atmosphere.

When needed, we offer a place for discussions and a work desk. Studija Amatciems is designed to be a space for everyone who is interested in design. It‘s not necessarily about buying things, it‘s about drawing inspiration and enjoying beautiful interior design.

When we create interior designs, our priority is to listen to our clients‘ wishes, to focus on their individuality and to create an environment that is inspiring and welcoming. Professionals, team experience and carefully selected solutions allow us to create an authentic and natural ambiance, harmony and functionality expressed not only via form, but also through materials and textures.

Studija Amatciems: professionalism, mutual respect and trustworthiness.