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Azzurra sinks & toilets

Italian producer Azzurra Ceramica is able to evolve bathroom design evolution. The combination of high quality, design and technology in its products has won an international market recognition award. All Azzurra bathroom product collections, its beautiful sinks, toilet bowls, water mixers and bidets, are designed to reflect the latest trends in the bathroom design industry. The company pays attention to the needs of the modern man with the aim of improving their quality of life. Endless research has led the manufacturer to the world of patent design and advanced technology in bathroom design.
As a sustainable design product, Azzurra has patented water-saving toilets designed to provide even water savings for every rinse. This system saves up to 70% water.
It is designed to facilitate bathroom restructuring. This new patent allows you to install a new toilet while retaining the existing water system. An outstanding design solution that optimizes time and recovery costs. The surfaces of this new product are easier to clean. Azzurra has also developed the anti-bacterial NOBACTER 05, which is specifically designed for sanitary products.

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