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Colombo Design accessories

Colombo Design is a dynamic, design-oriented family-owned company that has gained worldwide recognition in the manufacture of door handles and bathroom accessories. The company offers its customers products such as towel racks, shelf systems, cup holders, soap dispensers, arm rests, soap dishes, shower seats and many more products that are needed for your bathroom interior.
Colombo Design uses a special manufacturing technology that gives these products a high level of protection.
The products are manufactured and coated with 5 metal layers, which increases the wear resistance of its finishing material and increases its color fastness to sunlight and temperature changes.
 Such products are recommended for use in areas with higher levels of salt in the air, such as offshore or industrial sites.
Bathroom accessories are available in chrome, stainless steel, zirconium gold, matte white, matte black, graphite, matte graphite and vintage brass.

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